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Meet Matthew Motley, the Music Maestro Behind The Musician's Portal

Hey there, music lovers! 🎵👋 Get ready to dive into the world of The Musician's Portal, where the beats are as smooth as the vibes. Meet the brains and beats behind it all - Matthew Motley!

His Story

Meet Matthew Motley, Founder of The Musician's Portal

Matt's love affair with music started way back when he was just a kid - the Motley household was like a live concert 24/7, thanks to Dad's vinyl collection and a whole lot of passion. You could say, he was born to rock!

But it wasn't all about just listening. Matt, the youngest of the Motley clan, couldn't resist the urge to create music himself. He started banging on pots and pans like a mini rockstar, much to his mom's chagrin (we've all been there, right?).

Fast forward a few years, and Matt and his brother Joe were jamming together, forming bands like Wednesday's Children and Levy Road. They poured their hearts into their music, but life sometimes takes unexpected turns. The corporate world beckoned, and they traded in their guitar picks for spreadsheets.

Now in his mid-40s with an awesome wife and two little rockstars of his own, Matt's got that itch again. He wants to give back to the music world that's given him so much joy. That's where The Musician's Portal comes into play. 

In the Motley household, you'll always find music in the air. It's a place where melodies meet everyday life, and that's where Matt crafts the heart and soul of The Musician's Portal. He's on a mission to make it your go-to place for all things music.

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